Graham (shadesogrey) wrote in mysql,

Efficient full-text searchs on large sets of data

A database application I've written uses a table with around 600,000 rows. Each row has a text field 500-5000 characters long. I periodically need to find all the rows containing a particular phone number, name, or address, ie.'123-4567', 'john smith', '1950 Main St N'

I'm doing this using
SELECT * FROM `tb_archive` WHERE `text` LIKE '%john smith%' ORDER BY `date` DESC

The problem is that it is too slow. Most searches take 30-60 seconds. If multiple searches are done the server response begins to slow to a crawl for other users.

I've looked at mysql built in full-text indexing - but I'm not sure if it can work since I only need exact matches, don't care about relavence, and often search for numbers and short words.

Any suggestions as to how I can do this more efficiently?
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